HPE 480 GB Solid State Drive – 2.5″ Internal

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Boost data center performance with HPE 480 GB SSD. High IOPS, reliability & efficiency. Value SAS SSDs for enhanced workloads. Order now for a 3-year warranty.

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HPE 480 GB Solid State Drive – High Performance SSD

Accelerate the performance of your data-intensive applications with HPE Servers Mixed Use (MU) Solid State Drives (SSDs). Our 480 GB SSDs deliver high performance and endurance, ideal for applications requiring high random read and write IOPS performance.

Backed by over 3.35 million hours of testing and qualification, HPE (MU) SSDs ensure reliable, high-performing drives. Value SAS SSDs offer significant performance boosts over SATA SSDs, with roughly twice the IOPS, enhancing transactional database workloads with affordable solutions.

Key Features:

  • High Performance for big data analytics, cloud computing, and more.
  • Value SAS SSDs with twice the IOPS of SATA SSDs.
  • Digitally Signed Firmware for data security.
  • HPE SmartSSD Wear Gauge for monitoring SSD lifespan.

Optimized for enterprise application workloads, HPE Value SAS SSDs allow you to do more work with fewer servers, reducing operating costs for storing, powering, and maintaining servers.

HPE’s multi-vendor SSD offering ensures extended SKU lifecycles, immediate availability, and reasonably priced SATA SSDs, delivering the minimum level of performance published or better.

Order now and enhance your data center’s performance with HPE 480 GB Solid State Drive. Backed by a 3-year warranty.