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Versatile Ubiquiti Wall Mount NS-WM for NanoStation, adjustable vertically and horizontally. Easily install on windows or walls.

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Ubiquiti Wall Mount NS-WM

Secure NanoStation Installation

Available now, the Ubiquiti Networks Window/Wall Mounting kit for NanoStation. Easily adjust your wireless access point both vertically and horizontally. The kit includes interchangeable mounting adapters, such as a suction mount for windows and wall screws for walls, providing flexibility in installation.

Vertically and Horizontally Adjustable

Mount your NanoStation with precision using the vertically and horizontally adjustable Ubiquiti Wall Mount NS-WM. Whether on a window or a wall, achieve the optimal position for your wireless access point.

Package Contents

  • Mounting Adapters
  • Wall Screws

This Ubiquiti Wall Mount NS-WM kit is designed for a secure and versatile installation of your NanoStation. The mounting adapters, including the suction mount for windows and wall screws for walls, ensure a robust and reliable setup. Adjust your NanoStation both vertically and horizontally to meet your specific needs. The package includes essential mounting components such as adapters and wall screws, providing a comprehensive solution for your wireless access point installation.



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