APC BE850G2 Back-UPS 850VA 8-Outlet/2-USB

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Reliable APC BE850G2 Back-UPS – Ensure continuous power with surge protection, 9 outlets, 2 USB ports, and a 3-year warranty. 20% OFF!! Buy now!!

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APC BE850G2 Back-UPS 850VA – Stay Connected and Protected

Protect your devices with the APC BE850G2 Back-UPS 850VA. Designed for computers, wireless routers, IoT devices, and security systems, this uninterrupted power supply ensures continuous operation during outages and guards against power fluctuations and surges.

Consistent and Reliable Connectivity

With 9 outlets and 2 USB charging ports, this desktop UPS provides seamless battery power to connected electronics, making it ideal for workstations. The 450W capacity keeps you connected and productive during power fluctuations.

Stay Connected to Wi-Fi During Power Outages

This battery backup powers wireless home networking devices (router and modem) for hours during utility outages, ensuring you stay connected and productive even in challenging circumstances.

Easily Charge Mobile Devices

Connect and charge mobile devices via the 2 USB ports, providing a maximum of 1.5A. The USB ports supply power both on utility and battery power, keeping your devices charged when you need them.

Guaranteed Surge Protection

Enjoy lifetime guaranteed surge protection with a $75,000 equipment protection policy, providing peace of mind for your valuable electronics.

Flexible Installation Options

The 850VA UPS features 2 keyhole sockets for easy wall-mounting in hard-to-reach installations, offering flexibility in placement.

Outlets Spaced for Transformer Blocks

Outlets are arranged with spaces to accommodate both standard and transformer block power plugs, ensuring versatility in device connections.

Easily Configure Settings

Use the included PowerChute software to configure settings and enable automatic graceful shutdown of connected PCs during extended power outages. Audible alarms provide timely notifications, and they can be muted for convenience.


  • Reliable battery backup and surge protection for computers, wireless networking devices, gaming consoles, TVs, and security devices
  • 850VA / 450W power capacity
  • 2 USB charging ports (1.5A)
  • Wall-mountable for flexible installations
  • $75,000 lifetime equipment protection policy
  • Powers home Wi-Fi during utility outage
  • 9 Outlets (6 Battery Backup, 3 Surge Protection only)
  • 5’ cord
  • Configure settings with included software
  • 3-year APC warranty

Ensure the safety and productivity of your devices with the APC BE850G2 Back-UPS 850VA. Trust in reliable backup power and surge protection for your valuable electronics. Order now for peace of mind!