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Optimize your power backup with the APC SMT750RM2U Smart-UPS 750VA LCD 2U RM 120V. Keep your equipment safe during outages with reliable battery power.

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APC Smart-UPS 750VA LCD 2U RM 120V

Backup Battery for Uninterrupted Operations

Protect your server, switches, routers, and network devices with the APC SMT750RM2U Smart-UPS. Ensure uninterrupted power supply during outages and safeguard against harmful power conditions.

Powerful Protection from Electronic Equipment

Keep your electronic equipment safe from blackouts, surges, and other disruptions with generous runtime on battery. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) ensures reliable power, and pure sine wave output is ideal for sensitive electronics.

Energy-Efficient Green Mode

Operate efficiently with the Smart-UPS green mode, conserving energy and reducing utility costs. The UPS enters and exits green mode automatically, ensuring optimal efficiency while saving power.

Battery Management for Optimal Performance

Enjoy easy battery maintenance with predictive replacement dates and periodic self-tests. The Smart-UPS regulates charge voltage based on battery temperature to prolong battery life.

Intuitive LCD Interface for Easy Configuration

Monitor utility status and configure settings with the user-friendly LCD interface. The UPS also features a SmartSlot for remote management and control with a network management card.

PowerChute Software for Safe System Shutdown

PowerChute Business Edition software ensures safe system shutdown during extended outages, preventing data corruption. Monitor energy consumption and find cost savings with this easy-to-install software.


Output Power Capacity: 500 Watts / 750 VA
Max Configurable Power: 500 Watts / 750 VA
Nominal Output Voltage: 120V
Efficiency at Full Load: 97%