Grandstream Networks GBX20 Extension Module

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Boost productivity with the Grandstream GBX20 Extension Module. Ideal for managing high call volumes on Grandstream’s GRP2615 and GXV3350.

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Grandstream GBX20 Extension Module: Elevate Your Communication

Enhance Your IP Phone with GBX20 Extension Module

The Grandstream GBX20 Extension Module is designed to add functionality, versatility, and flexibility to your Grandstream IP Phones. Specifically compatible with the GRP2615 Carrier-Grade IP Phone and GXV3350 IP Video Phone, this extension module features a vibrant 272×480 LCD display.

Key Features of GBX20 Extension Module

With support for up to 40 contacts per module and the ability to use 4 modules, the GBX20 provides an extensive capacity of up to 160 contacts. It seamlessly supports advanced call features, including BLF, call park/pick-up, speed-dial, presence, intercom, voice conferencing transfer/forward, and more.

Boost Productivity for Businesses and Receptionists

An ideal solution for businesses and receptionists managing high call volumes, the GBX20 ensures maximum productivity by efficiently monitoring and dispatching incoming calls. Streamline your communication processes and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Why Choose the GBX20 Extension Module?

Invest in the GBX20 for its unmatched performance in handling communication needs. Elevate your Grandstream IP Phone experience with a device that is not only reliable but also enhances your ability to manage calls effectively.

Explore the Grandstream GBX20 Extension Module today for a communication experience like never before.