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CubeSA 60Pro ac – 802.11ay standard for ultra-fast point-to-multipoint connections. Fiber-like speed and stability for distances up to 1 km. 35% OFF!!

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CubeSA 60Pro ac – Ultra-Fast 60 GHz CPE

Key Features

The Cube 60Pro ac CPE enables ultra-fast point-to-multipoint connections over 1 km, leveraging 802.11ay standard for superior distances, stability, and speed.

Point-to-Point Connectivity

If you’re seeking reliable point-to-point connections over 1 km, the Cube 60Pro ac CPE is your solution. With Channel 5* support, it can extend connections beyond 2.4 km, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Point-to-Multipoint Capability

For scenarios requiring connections to multiple devices, consider the CubeSA 60Pro ac sector antenna. With a range of around 600 meters in point-to-multipoint mode, it’s perfect for events, construction sites, and more.


CPU: 4 core IPQ-4019 716 MHz
RAM: 256 MB | Storage: 64 MB flash
Ethernet Ports: 1 (10/100)
Wireless: 5 GHz 802.11a/n/ac | Wireless Chains: 1
Antenna Gain: 11.5 dBi (5 GHz), 60° beam width at 60 GHz
GPS: MT3337V°

Explore the Cube 60Pro ac CPE and CubeSA 60Pro ac sector antenna for unparalleled wireless connectivity. Upgrade your network with fiber-like speed and stability.




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