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High-performance AP-5AC-90-HD 5GHz Sector Antenna for airPrism® devices. Excellent noise isolation and beam performance for Rocket®5ac Prism™. 30% OFF!!

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AP-5AC-90-HD: High-Performance 5GHz Sector Antenna

The AP-5AC-90-HD is a dedicated sector HD antenna designed for airPrism® 5GHz devices, offering innovative solutions for Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) applications. Ideal for use with Rocket®5ac Prism™ devices (not included), this antenna excels in noise isolation and beam performance, making it perfect for colocation applications.

Key Features:

  • Three single-antenna mounted Rocket5ac Prism units for maximum throughput
  • Efficient mast utilization, easy installation, and reduced mast rental costs
  • High immunity to interference for excellent beam performance in high-density locations

Seamless Collaboration:

The airPrism antenna and Rocket5ac Prism devices seamlessly collaborate with three built-in holders for easy installation, eliminating the need for special tools. The installation involves securely snapping three Rocket5ac Prism devices and mounting the entire link at the workplace.

Technical Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 322.6 x 201.5 x 1300 mm
    • Mass: 13.1 kg (including mast holder, excluding Rocket5ac Prism devices)

Focus Keyword Density: AP-5AC-90-HD

The AP-5AC-90-HD, designed for seamless collaboration with Rocket5ac Prism devices, provides excellent beam performance in high-density locations. With its high immunity to interference, this airPrism antenna is ideal for Point-to-MultiPoint applications.

Explore the technical specifications of the AP-5AC-90-HD, including dimensions, mass, frequency range (5.15 – 5.85 GHz), antenna gain (22 dBi), and more. The dual-linear polarity and interpolarizing isolation of 30 dB Min. ensure reliable performance in diverse environments.



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