Ubiquiti Ceiling Mount for Access Point FlexHD (FlexHD-CM-3) 3 PACK

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Elevate your network with the discreet Access Point FlexHD-CM-3 Ceiling Mount. Low-profile design, easy installation, and stylish magnetic.

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Access Point FlexHD Ceiling Mount (FlexHD-CM-3)

Elevate your network with the Access Point FlexHD Ceiling Mount – your discreet and stylish solution for mounting the UniFi FLEX HD access point. Achieve a low-profile appearance with a simple, guided snap-in locking mechanism and an adjustable sliding retainer. The magnetic faceplate adds a touch of elegance, hiding the bracket for a seamless finish.

Key Features:

  • Low profile (2″, 51mm) for a discreet ceiling installation
  • Guided snap-in locking mechanism for easy mounting of UAP-FlexHD
  • Adjustable, sliding retainer for hassle-free installation without screws
  • Magnetic 3 1/3″ inch (85 mm) faceplate for a stylish finish
  • Requires 2 1/8″ inch (54 mm) cutout for flexible installation
  • Includes drywall mounting hardware and anchors for your convenience

Upgrade your space with the Access Point FlexHD Ceiling Mount – the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Whether you have a drop ceiling, drywall ceiling, or solid ceiling, this mount offers a discreet, low-profile solution that enhances your network without compromising style.





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