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Enhance LAN efficiency with UBNT-ES-24-250W EdgeSwitch – 24 Gigabit ports, 26Gbps bandwidth, and 250W power support. Ideal for business networks.



UBNT-ES-24-250W EdgeSwitch: Empowering Efficient LANs

Key Features:

  • 24x Gigabit RJ45 ports
  • 2x SFP ports
  • Total bandwidth: 26Gbps
  • Maximum current consumption: 250W
  • Supports POE+ IEEE802.3at/af and passive PoE 24V
  • Designed for 19″ 1U rack cabinets

The UBNT-ES-24-250W EdgeSwitch from Ubiquiti’s EdgeMAX product line is an ideal solution for businesses aiming to establish an efficient LAN segment or expand their existing network infrastructure.

With 24 Gigabit RJ45 ports, 2 SFP ports, and a non-blocking total bandwidth of 26Gbps, the EdgeSwitch provides advanced Layer 2 features and routing capabilities (Layer 3). It supports both POE+ IEEE802.3at/af and passive PoE 24V, allowing automatic detection and powering of compatible devices.

For seamless integration, the device is designed for easy mounting in 19″ 1U rack cabinets, ensuring a compact and organized setup.

Enhance your network efficiency with the UBNT-ES-24-250W EdgeSwitch – a fully manageable switch designed for businesses seeking robust and scalable LAN solutions.



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