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Ubiquiti PowerBeam-M5-400 (PBE-M5-400): Powerful 5GHz Wireless Bridge for High-Noise Areas. Peel back the prices! Uncover savings up to 20% on our top products.

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Ubiquiti PowerBeam-M5-400: High-Performance 5GHz Wireless Bridge

Key Features:

  • Compact design – radio and antenna enclosed in one small housing
  • Quick and easy installation – includes mounting bracket for antenna installation on a mast
  • Convenient vising – thanks to the use of a ball joint, framing the antenna is even easier than in previous versions of antennas
  • Aesthetics – thanks to the neat housing, the device blends more easily into the background at the customer’s location
  • Power supply via PoE

Ubiquiti PowerBeam-M5-400 is a device of the PowerBeam series, a successor to the NanoBridge series. It is a complete 802.11n MIMO 2×2 radio system designed for the 5GHz band. Thanks to its improved design, it concentrates the power of the radio system in a narrower beam, protecting against interference in high-noise areas.

The InnerFeed solution integrates the antenna radiator with the radio module and the Router/Access Point. The antenna has 25dBi gain, and the device is equipped with an integrated radio module with a power of up to 28dbm and one Ethernet port 10/100/1000mbps, enabling wireless connections at distances exceeding 20km with real TCP/IP bandwidth of up to 150Mbps. The device is powered by passive PoE (power supply included).

PowerBeam-M5-400 works in Router or Bridge modes, supporting Access Point, Access Point WDS, Client, Client WDS modes. It operates on the MikroTik RotuerOS system and is compatible with the AirMax protocol, eliminating hidden station problems with TDMA slots. The AirControl app allows central management of up to 100 devices.

When you buy the PowerBeam-M5-400, you get a complete device, including a mount and a power supply.

Ubiquiti PowerBeam-M5-400 works seamlessly with the AirMax protocol, ensuring collision-free transmission and maximizing bandwidth, even with dozens of connected client stations to the Access Point. The included AirControl app facilitates the central management of up to 100 devices.

For powerful and reliable 5GHz wireless connectivity, choose Ubiquiti PowerBeam-M5-400. Ideal for high-noise areas with a compact design and easy installation.



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