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Discover the Ubiquiti PrismAP-5-30, a revolutionary 5GHz symmetrical sector antenna designed for breakthrough scalability and superior wireless performance. 

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Ubiquiti PrismAP-5-30: 5GHz Symmetrical Sector Antenna

Introducing the Ubiquiti PrismAP-5-30, a groundbreaking addition to the airMAX ac sector antenna series. This innovative antenna offers unparalleled scalability options for wireless systems, with unique beam characteristics and outstanding colocation properties, enabling a higher sector density at any given location compared to traditional sector technology.

Key Features:

  • Designed to enhance the efficiency of locations with a large number of antennas
  • 30° beam width for precise coverage
  • Compatible with PS-5AC, IS-5AC, and IS-M5 devices
  • Single-button operation for easy antenna mounting and removal
  • Newly designed radiator shape for superior beamforming

Upgrade your wireless experience with the PrismAP-5-30, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern connectivity.

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Explore the Ubiquiti PrismAP-5-30 Advantage

Unmatched Performance with a 30° Beam Width

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Unleash the power of wireless connectivity with the Ubiquiti PrismAP-5-30, a symmetrical sector antenna designed to redefine scalability and performance.

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Ubiquiti PrismAP-5-30: Breakthrough 5GHz Symmetrical Sector Antenna



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