Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi BaseStationXG UWB-XG

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Enhance your network with UniFi WiFi BaseStationXG UWB-XG for scalable enterprise Wi-Fi management. 20 % OFF!! Buy now!

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Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi BaseStationXG UWB-XG

Experience unparalleled wireless connectivity with the Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi BaseStationXG UWB-XG. This IEEE 802.11ac compliant Wireless Access Point boasts 1.70 Gbit/s speed, utilizing 5 GHz frequency and MIMO technology for optimal performance.

Designed for scalability, the UniFi Ecosystem empowers system integrators to create wireless networks of any size. From small setups to large deployments, enjoy the potential for unlimited scalability. The built-in, dedicated security and monitoring radio provide valuable insights into site performance, channel planning, and local interferers, ensuring quick responses to changing interference and security landscapes.

Accessible through any standard web browser and the UniFi Network mobile app (iOS or Android), the UniFi Network Application is a powerful software engine ideal for high-density client deployments, guaranteeing low latency and high uptime performance.

Key Features:

  • Scalable Enterprise Wi-Fi Management
  • Dedicated Security and Monitoring Radio
  • High-Speed 5 GHz Connectivity
  • MIMO Technology for Optimal Performance

Package Contents:

  • UniFi WiFi BaseStationXG UWB-XG Wireless Access Point
  • Mounting Brackets