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Discover the Ubiquiti AM-5G17-90, a revolutionary 5GHz AirMax 2×2 Sector antenna with exceptional energy gain and seamless Rocket M integration.

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Discover the revolutionary Carrier Class BaseStation Antennas with the Ubiquiti 5GHz AirMax 2×2 Sector (AM-5G17-90). Designed to excel with AirMax devices utilizing the 802.11n standard, these dual sector antennas boast cutting-edge patented technology for exceptional performance.

Characteristics of Dual Sector Antennas AirMax

Unlock high energy gain, a favorable radiation beam shape, and superior separation between differently polarized beams. Equipped with dedicated mounts for “Rocket M” devices and two high-quality waterproof antenna connectors, this setup, in conjunction with the Rocket M, forms a top-tier 2×2 MIMO “Point to Multipoint” base station.

Integration of Rocket M Device with Dual Sector Antennas AirMax

Designed for effortless installation with Rocket M devices, these antennas ensure seamless integration, making deployment hassle-free.

    • Operating Frequency Range: 4900MHz – 5900MHz
    • Energy Gain: 16.1 – 17.1 dBi
    • Polarity: Dual Linear
    • Cross-pol Isolation: 22dB min

Dimensions: 367mm x 63mm x 41mm

Weight: 1.1 kg

Limit Permissible Wind Speed: 210 km/h

ETSI Compliance

EN 302 326 DN2 compliant, ensuring adherence to industry standards for reliable performance.

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Explore the Ubiquiti 5GHz AirMax 2×2 Sector – a revolutionary base station antenna with outstanding energy gain and easy Rocket M integration.

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