Ubiquiti Conversion Kit (AF-5G-OMT-S45)

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Upgrade your RocketDish RD-5G30 or RD-5G34 antenna to 45° slant polarity with the AF-5G-OMT-S45 conversion kit for seamless integration with AirFiberX. 


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Ubiquiti Conversion Kit – AF-5G-OMT-S45

The UBNT-AF-5G-OMT-S45 is a conversion kit designed for RocketDish RD-5G30 and RD-5G34 antennas, allowing you to switch to a 45° slant polarity. This kit ensures seamless integration with the AirFiberX series, including AF-5X and AF-4X.

Upgrade your antenna system effortlessly with this conversion kit, optimizing your signal transmission for enhanced performance in various applications. The 45° slant polarity provides improved signal strength and reliability, making it ideal for point-to-point communication needs.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with RocketDish RD-5G30 and RD-5G34 antennas
  • Converts antenna to 45° slant polarity
  • Seamless integration with AirFiberX series (AF-5X and AF-4X)
  • Optimized signal transmission for enhanced performance

Upgrade your network infrastructure with the UBNT-AF-5G-OMT-S45 conversion kit, ensuring reliable and efficient communication in various environments. Invest in quality and compatibility with Ubiquiti products.



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