Trojan SSIG 06 255: Empowering Solar Solutions


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Empower your solar solutions with Trojan SSIG 06 255, a reliable 6V deep-cycle flooded battery. Discover the deals! Save up to 20% on your favorites

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Trojan SSIG 06 255: Empowering Solar Solutions

Unleash Reliable Power with Trojan SSIG 06 255

Elevate Performance with Solar Signature Line

Discover Trojan SSIG 06 255

A 6V deep-cycle flooded battery delivering 1.4 kWh, featuring 229Ah @ 20Hr and a low-profile terminal. Engineered for sustained excellence as a Solar Signature Line member, ensuring enduring performance, long life, and heightened energy in various scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Consistent Excellence: Unwavering performance to meet energy demands reliably.
  • Solar Signature Line: Engineered for sustained excellence, longevity, and enhanced energy.
  • Versatile Solution: Cost-effective for off-grid, grid-tied, and unstable grid environments.

Advanced Battery Features:

  • MaxGuard T2 Separator: Extends battery life by maintaining open acid channels, reducing stratification risk.
  • Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology: Optimizes porosity development for sustained capacity and increased operating power.
  • Optimized Grid Configuration: Precision-optimized grid configuration enhances current flow, ensuring exceptional battery performance, minimizing downtime, and reducing maintenance costs.

Choose Trojan SSIG 06 255 for a flooded battery that exceeds expectations.


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