Trojan T-125 6V Flooded Battery 1.4 kWh


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Precision power for golf carts. Trojan T-125: A trusted choice in over 98% of golf cart fleets, delivering unparalleled performance. 20% OFF.!

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Trojan T-125: Precision Power for Golf Carts

The Trojan T-125, a dynamic 1.4 kWh 6-volt (GC2 Group size) deep-cycle flooded battery with a low-profile terminal, stands as a testament to superior performance in the realm of golf cart batteries. With a robust 240Ah @ 20Hr capacity, this battery features Trojan’s proprietary Maxguard T2 Advanced Design Separator, exclusive Alpha Plus paste with T2 technology formulation, and Trojan Grid Technology. This innovative combination results in increased battery life, extended run time, and decreased maintenance requirements.

Key Features

  • Ideal for Golf Carts: Tailored to meet the specific needs of golf cart applications.
  • Advanced Battery Technologies:
    • Maxguard T2 Separator: Enhances battery life by maintaining open acid channels, reducing the risk of stratification.
    • Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology: Optimizes porosity development for sustained capacity, ensuring extended run time.
    • Trojan Grid Technology: Further contributes to increased battery life and superior performance.

Trusted Brand in Golf Community: The Trojan T-125 is a preferred choice in over 98% of golf cart fleets in America’s top golf courses. With nearly a century of battery-making expertise, Trojan has earned the trust of the golf community for its commitment to delivering batteries of unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability.

Choose the Trojan T-125 for your golf cart needs and experience the trusted excellence that has defined Trojan Batteries for almost a century.


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