Trojan SSIG 12 95 Flooded Battery – 95Ah, 1 kWh 4 pack

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Unleash solar energy with Trojan SSIG 12 95, a powerful 1 kWh 12-volt deep-cycle battery. Enoy 20%.





Trojan SSIG 12 95: Empowering Solar Solutions

Unmatched Day-In, Day-Out Performance

Meet the Trojan SSIG 12 95, a potent 1 kWh 12-volt (87Ah @ 20Hr) deep-cycle flooded battery with a Universal Terminal, Group 24. Part of the Trojan Solar Signature Line, it sets the standard for sustained performance, long life, and increased energy. Cost-effective and versatile, it’s ideal for off-grid, grid-tied, and unstable grid environments.

Key Features and Advanced Battery Technology

Key Features: Consistent Excellence, Solar Signature Line for sustained performance, long life, and increased energy, and a Versatile Solution for various environments.

Advanced Battery Features: MaxGuard T2 Separator enhances battery life, while Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology optimizes porosity for sustained capacity and increased operating power. Optimized Grid Configuration ensures exceptional battery performance, minimizing downtime, and reducing maintenance costs. Choose Trojan SSIG 12 95 for a flooded battery that exceeds expectations in solar applications.




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